Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Transactions 4-18-2006

St. Rose
•147 Rue Landry, St. Rose for $330,000 from Marion Properties, LLC to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Saubat, Jr. on Jan. 23.
•424 Oak Street, St. Rose for $46,000 from Karen Spears to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Travis on March 3.

•219 Janet Drive, St. Rose for $140,500 from Chad Thibodeaux to Ryan Lorusso and Tammy Miranda on Feb. 7.

•Lot 9 Riverbend Estates, St. Rose for $82,500 from Mr. and Mrs. Lua Raziano to Frantz and Haydel Investments, LLC on March 9.

•Lot 5 Wagon Trail Lane, St. Rose for $85,000 from R Bend Estates II, LLC to Ernest Candilora III on Feb. 27. […]


Water improvement financing an important matter

St.Charles Parish Council is considering a bold new plan to finance the improvements made necessary to its water system made by the increase of population and greater use by industry as the parish grows. It remains to be seen whether or not this plan is the right way to go about it, considering that the big users will virtually pay all of the cost of the upgrade. […]

Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Transactions 4-11-2006


•Lot 19 Fashion Plantation, Hahnville for $7,350 from Ralph Hymel to Mr. and Mrs. Brent Kelley on March 3.

•421 Oak Street, Hahnville for $125,000 from Mr. and Mrs. John Landry III to Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Bourgeois on Feb. 24.

•Lot 202 Union Drive, Hahnville for $55,000 from Mr. and Mrs. David Alfred Sr. to Mr. and Mrs. John Stevens on Feb. 24.


New plant to boost economy in the area

It’s unusual to hear of a major company moving a plant from another state into Louisiana, as it’s usually the other way around. For far too long, the state and the region has struggled to court business. Often the sight is business, industry and talented personnel leaving Louisiana for better opportunities. […]