Summer rec sports cancelled, refunded; skills clinics added

St. Charles Parish announced the cancellations of the majority of its summer camp and sports programs, and that it would refund all registration fees and dues. However, the parish’s parks and recreation department also took perhaps its first steps back toward conducting business as usual, releasing dates for a series of summer sports clinics that include baseball, softball, basketball and agility training. […]


Ochsner partners with local organizations and businesses to re-open safely

Ochsner Health has been on the frontlines of the pandemic response, caring for many of Louisiana’s COVID-19 patients. While the COVID-19 fight is not done, Ochsner officials said Ochsner has a responsibility to help its communities stay healthy and safe – which includes equipping business owners with the tools and resources they need to welcome back their employees and customers. […]


Mystery Machine hits road, brings Scooby Gang to life

Have you solved the mystery?

The cartoon icon Scooby Doo is instantly recognizable to people young and old, a character that has endured for more than 50 years. So when a certain bright, colorful vehicle began taking to the roads of St. Charles Parish late last year, it may well have felt like the “Scooby Gang” had sprung from the small screen to real life. […]