King march should not be a racial thing

To the editor:
Doubtless, the great majority of the citizens of St. Charles Parish are familiar with the ideals put forth by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, so I won’t re-state them here.

I will, however, venture to say that most of us believe wholeheartedly and enthusiastically that we should be judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin. I continually encounter overwhelming evidence in people of all ages, races, religions and political affiliations that such good sense has been and is being taught in our homes, churches and schools.

There is little question; Dr. King’s famous dream is live and well in our thoughts, our homes, and I believe, in the way we treat each other. But, is it live and well in the way we celebrate his birthday?

For 12 years I have witnessed the commemorative march from the West Bank Bridge Park to the Courthouse peopled by woefully few of us. Those who march and/or attend the ceremony at Eual Landry School are African Americans with a few notable exceptions.  Further, I don’t see participation or representation by too many signature groups and organizations that would signal their support for this great human being and his dream.

Can we afford this misconception, St Charles? Can we afford to allow even the appearance that this celebration of such a great American is a “race” thing? Will our children start to question whether we mean what we say? Do those seeking to purchase homes or locate businesses here mistakenly surmise that we may not really believe in Dr. King’s dream?

I think not; what do you think, St Charles?

Percy A Wilson


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