Setting record straight

Setting record straight Re: Herald-Guide story – May 2, 2019 – “Council argument leads to putting the public, media in the hallway.” It noted “An argument between St. Charles Parish Councilman Paul Hogan and Council […]

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor Near the beginning of the 20th Century, a group of socialists came to Louisiana out of California to start a colony in Vernon Parish at New Llano, near Leesville. Once the […]


Parish did not save money with free dumpster program, councilman says

I read the recent Herald-Guide article “Attorney General closes the lid on Parish’s free dumpster program” to which I feel I have the obligation to reply and to clarify for the citizens some of what was reported. The article states that the program was set up in such a way as to avoid court cost that are incurred when the Parish follows the ordinance relating to derelict structures. […]

Letter to the Editor

St. Charles businesses don’t remove sales tax during holiday

Dear Editor,
I assume that the state of Louisiana and St. Charles Parish instituted the sales tax holidays to provide an opportunity for the residents of the state and parish to purchase items and save the normal taxes paid on said purchases, thereby stimulating the economy and providing savings to the residents. This holiday takes place every year on the first Friday and Saturday of August. All items for personal use should be sales tax free with the exceptions of licensed vehicles, food prepared at a restaurant and some services and rentals. […]