Obama is not the Messiah

We should love homosexuals and abortionists, not validate their choices

As I watched our new president Barack Obama give his victory speech, I saw the crowds around him continuing to be mesmerized. There were tears, there were ecstatic looks of joy. He sounded so good. His words were smooth, his heart seemed so compassionate and sincere.

But the whole scene seemed so surreal to me. The words ‘false hope’ kept flashing before me. Why? Because he was clearly connecting with the hearts of the people and it was as though they are seeking answers, validation and security in life through him.

He acknowledged various groups and, as he addressed homosexuals, there were great cheers. As the camera panned the crowds during his speech, it showed some men who seemed to be validated in their way of life, and now content.

I was reminded of my own interactions with a homosexual friend who became very angry with me because I didn’t validate him. I couldn’t accept his lifestyle as good and pleasing to God. I love and accept him unconditionally, and respect him as a person, but I felt he needed from me validation of his lifestyle in order for him to feel a sense of peace and security (which would have been false).

I sensed this same dynamic taking place among the gay community as Barack was elected president. He was now there to validate them in their lifestyle. He was now there to validate others in their “freedom of choice” to kill the unborn if they feel so inclined. In this I saw a further desensitizing of conscience.

Obama has pledged to push for the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) as president. FOCA was introduced in 2004, “to prohibit, consistent with Roe v. Wade, the interference by the government with a woman’s right to choose to bear a child or terminate a pregnancy, and for other purposes.”
The proposal would overturn all existing state regulations on abortion and partial-birth abortion if enacted.

This is what made the scene seem so surreal to me.

Everything could seem so good, so positive, so hope-filled. But, as I looked at the scene through the lenses of the truth of God that has been engrained in my heart, I could see beyond the façade.

It is not reality…it is false, because it is based on the morals and principles of this passing world of which satan is the prince. Barack’s words are built on the sands of the sea and not the rock of Christ which is truth and life in God (upon which our country was founded). He is confusing freedom.

Do we know better than God?
How is it that we as mere creatures can take the reins from God and tell Him that we know how to do it better? Yes, I know it began with Adam and Eve in the garden; but, this is precisely what we continue to do when we disregard our true conscience: the laws, principles and values of God that have been engrained in our hearts. We cannot truly live as an integrated and peaceful people when we try to live life apart from the way we were created by our Maker.

The President, the laws of our country, can tell people that it is okay to live a homosexual lifestyle…it is okay to kill a baby in the womb. It is acceptable for you to do that. And, this is precisely the facade. It is compromising truth and reality.

Certainly God has given us all free will to choose our destiny, but it is much harder to accurately choose our destiny if we are being fed lies. But the serpent, who is the father of lies, began this tactic in the Garden of Eden, and it continues to this day.

Should Christians mind their own business?
Many may not understand why Christians won’t mind their own business and let them live their own lives. But, we have a responsibility as followers of Christ to stand in truth. If we truly love God and love our neighbor, we will only want to share what we know to be true. We will only want to let our neighbors know that they are doing harm to themselves if they listen to the lies…because they will be playing havoc on their person. They will not be living as God intended.

And, in the end, they are the ones who will be so sorry.
They don’t realize that we are loving them. And, for us, we must always be in check that it truly is out of love that we stand and not self-righteousness, or pride, or hatred.

Christ stood always in love, which is why He had to remain in truth. He knew the reason why each person was created. They could try to tell him otherwise, to the point of crucifixion. But, He had to remain the I AM.

I looked out into the crowds as they were so touched and excited about Obama, and I wanted to say to those who are homosexual and pushing for their rights: “But don’t you know this is not what you were created for? I don’t discount the strong needs you have. I don’t discount that you long for intimacy and to be totally loved and accepted to the deepest core of who you are. But you are going astray from the path which God has laid out for you to find this healing and fulfillment. You may have been hurt by Christians who have not been sensitive or understanding toward you and your legitimate needs deep down. But, there is a deep oasis of healing grace, love and fulfillment awaiting you if you open your hearts to the path God has laid out for you. It is living water that you will receive. Do not just remain at that the cactus in this desert of life, trying to suck all moisture from it. It will never be enough to satisfy you!”

I want to say to the women (and men who support it) who think they should have a right to kill the baby in their womb: “Don’t you know that you were created for love. You are desecrating yourself if you kill a part of you. You can try to desensitize yourself to the reality of what you’re doing, but you will never be truly happy unless you live in the full reality of who you are. You will have to keep pushing down that part of you that grieves killing your own child. It will never leave you until you recognize the truth and work through it. You think that disposing of the unwanted baby will allow you to move on in your life and dreams, but you will never be able to truly move on unless you recognize what you have really done, and then grieve it.

I long to spare you of much pain and suffering, by sharing this truth with you. To the deepest part of you, you were created to love, and by doing this, you will be cutting yourself off from true love.”

This is what grieves my heart about this election. Many are validated in their deception. Enabled in their deception. Rather than encouraged to move forward to the oasis of life.
Though I grieve, I experience a deep happiness within myself, and it is only because I have found the oasis. I have come to recognize the truth of why I was created and what I’m created for. And, this brings me great fulfillment, peace and joy. I don’t pretend to say I have arrived at my destination. But, I am on the road to it. It is despite myself and my many imperfections, and possibly because of them, that I know God’s love for me and His providential care, and this should give hope to all. The greatness of what our lives are meant to be is beyond expression. I am in deep and inconceivable awe as I think of what we are called to, even beginning in this life.

And, it is for this that my heart grieves. In America we are being sold short, extremely short, of the calling of our creator. We are being fed half-truths that prevent us from really being free to choose.

For those who are caught up in the lies, and want to remain there, you have this right to choose. But, we wait for you. We pray for you. And we hope one day that you will be joining us to drink from the oasis of God’s great love and the truth of who we are created to be.

I pray for our new President. I think he believes he is doing what’s best for this people and this country, and I’m sure in some areas he is. But, God will always be God, and He is ultimately in control. In the end His fullness of love and truth must reign.

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