Hahnville wins district

Senior Singleton says farewell with 16 points

Friday night at Tiger Stadium, the Hahnville Tigers squeezed past John Ehret winning the game by one point with 1.1 seconds left in the game. The final being 54-53. The Tigers fell a bit in the first half of the game with Ehret leading the Tigers 35-24. Leading way for John Ehret was Brian Randolph with 14 points, Christian Wall with 13 points and Nicholas Washington also with 13 points.

The Tigers had a great come back on defense as well as offense.

Hahnville came back in the second half playing hard and tough. Brian Singleton lead the tigers with 14 points, Reginald Lumar scored 10 points and Irvin Humphrey also scored 10 points. In addition, Chris Johnson, Mc Arthur Strickland and Kentrell Lockette of the Tigers fought hard, helping the Tigers keep up with Ehret.

Irvin Humphrey fouled out in the second half for playing too rough on defense, but, with help of his teammates, the boys took over and won the game 54-53.

Hahnville High’s Coach, Brian Lumar, stated, “Once again we played sluggish ball, but good teams find their way to win and that is what will get us over the hump.”

Seniors Gerren Stipe, Brian Singleton, David Raymond, Chris Johnson, McArthur Strickland, Reginald Lumar, Kentrell Lockette and Irvin Humphrey had a wonderful night. The boys celebrated their farewell to the graduating Hahnville High Seniors.

The boys also celebrated the victory of district champions and going to the play-offs, which starts Tuesday, Feb. 14.

These boys walked proud across the Hahnville’s gym floor with their heads up high, knowing this is their last trip around the basketball court at HHS.

Coach Lumar said, “I am proud of the guys. We had a great four yeas and every year we have had great success.” He went on to say, “The team we have for next year will need a lot of work, because they are young, but I have a lot of confidence.


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