Pope’s healing miracles more numerous than once thought

A RIVETING new book presents evidence of what appears to have been dramatic and in some cases stunning healings linked to the late John Paul II – miracles far more extensive than previously reported and in many instances occurring while the pontiff was still alive.The book, Miracles of John Paul II, by Pawel Zuchniewicz, a religious bestseller in Poland, now available in the U.S., clearly demonstrates that the Pope was more actively involved in mysticism than commonly portrayed and builds an all but ironclad case for his sainthood.

As Zuchniewicz, a Pole, quotes a fellow Vatican journalist, Michael Valpy, as saying, “There is much more to the story of John Paul II than what was publicized in the media during his pontificate.

“He wasn’t a politician – he was mystic.

“It was his mysticism, his following John of the Cross, his mystical relationship with St. Stanislaus and his spiritual and national ties to Poland, that I find especially interesting.

“At the time, I couldn’t understand his constant prayer, those ‘audiences’ with God. But when I read more about his life, I began to understand more about his person, his inner being.”

That inner being turned out to have been more focused on the supernatural than on his physical surroundings.

Closing his eyes, the late pontiff prayed with passion, recall those who watched him, at times letting out short phrases like, “My Lord, my God!” as he interceded for those who asked his help, and for the world.

“The Pope treated seriously those who wrote to him with prayer requests,” says Zuchniewicz, who covered many of John Paul’s pilgrimages as a reporter.

There were hours of prayer each day. And as Zuchniewicz points out in his book, the prayers worked quite well.

Cancer, kidney disease, brain tumors and more

– all cured by John Paul II

1. In 2004, John Paul II received a 16-year-old in a private audience. The boy had lymphoma – but right after the meeting was healed of the “incurable” disease.

2. In 2002, an Italian boy who had inflammation of the kidneys and intestines felt a sensation of warmth when the Pope stroked his cheek during a private Mass. He was cured.

3. During Youth Day in Toronto in 2002, a 16-year-old girl- ill with devastating bone cancer – was prayed over by the pontiff, who put his hands on her head. She was cured.

4. In 1999, during a visit to Poland, John Paul became aware of a boy with a “hopeless” malignant brain tumor. The Pope prayed for the boy and soon after, the tumor was gone.

5. The parents of an extremely ill child sent a telegram imploring the Pope’s prayer and the youngster was healed “at precisely that moment in which John Paul II prayed for him.”

6. A Jewish man who attended a Papal Mass at Castel Gandolfo and took Communion from the Pope without knowing that non-Catholics should not do so was nonetheless healed of a brain tumor.

7. In Canada, a Chinese woman who had suffered three consecutive miscarriages recounts how the Pope exhibited the gifts of both healing and prophecy. She made a pilgrimage to the Vatican. The Pope told her that she would have a son and he made the sign of the cross over her head. And, indeed, within days she found out that she was pregnant … and she gave birth to a healthy son.


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