Parish approves upgrades for Norco, Montz wastewater stations

The St. Charles Parish Council hired the engineering firm Shread-Kuyrkendall & Associates on Monday to design Montz and Norco wastewater lift station upgrades.The upgrades are aimed at addressing the Montz and Norco lift stations’ sanitary sewer overflows in inclement weather, according to the parish’s Wastewater Department.

Increasing the station’s capacity of the wet well at each station would reduce the number of these overflows.

Shread-Kuyrkendall & Associates will design the additional wet wells at both locations by installing of a second well,  as well as relocating existing pumps, piping and electrical to the new wells and connect the older wells to the new ones.

Wastewater lift stations are facilities designed to move wastewater from lower to higher elevation, particularly where the elevation of the source is not sufficient for gravity flow and/or when the use of gravity conveyance will result in excessive excavation depths and high sewer construction costs, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Station key elements include a wastewater receiving well (wet well), often equipped with a screen or grinding to remove coarse materials; pumps and piping with associated valves; motors; a power supply system; an equipment control and alarm system; and an odor control system and ventilation system.

Lift stations are used to reduce the capital cost of sewer system construction.  When gravity sewers are installed in trenches deeper than 10 feet, the cost of sewer line installation increases significantly because of more complex and costly excavation equipment and trench shoring.

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