Officer recognized for saving man’s life

Deputy Henry Sill was recently presented with the Knights of Columbus Officer of the Year award.

Quick thinking and swift action from St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office Deputy Henry Sill saved a man’s life on April 4, and recently the officer was awarded the Knights of Columbus Officer of the Year award for his life-saving measures.

Sill responded to the April call of a man who had fallen out of a tree and was bleeding from his leg. Upon arrival, Sill discovered that the man had damaged his femoral artery and was still heavily bleeding, despite the makeshift tourniquet that had been applied.

“Deputy Sill assessed the situation and gave instructions to apply pressure to the wound,” St. Charles Parish Sheriff Greg Champagne said. “Deputy Sill applied a second tourniquet as well as additional pressure to the wound to control the bleeding, while simultaneously visually scanning the area for a safe landing zone for the air care helicopter. Paramedics that were on scene advised that Deputy Sill’s quick action to apply direct pressure and a tourniquet to the wound to control the bleeding and quick determination of a safe landing zone led to saving the patient’s life.”

Sill, who has been a police officer for eight years and with the parish for five years, said he credits 14 weeks of tangible training that he received from the St. Charles Parish Sheriff Office in 2018 for preparing him to assess the situation and make the right decisions that day.

“The training was intense in all aspects of law enforcement,” Sill said. “I feel honored and humbled to be recognized for doing something I truly love doing. My favorite part about being a police officer is being able to assist the community in its time of need.”

Champagne said protecting the lives of people in St. Charles Parish is a priority to the employees of the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office.

“Deputy Sill’s quick thinking and fast actions during a chaotic situation saved a human’s life,” he said. “I am very pleased with all of the men and women at the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office, and it is always a great honor for my deputies to be recognized for their actions.”

As for Sill, he said he has no doubts about whether he is in the right career.

“My profession brings me joy when I am able help the members of our society feel safe and confident to invoke trust in my abilities to protect and serve them,” he said. “When I see the pride and joy in my kids eyes when I’m in my police uniform, I know I picked the right profession.”


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