Lakewood Elementary Golden Gators named

Lakewood Elementary’s Golden Gators for the month of January are pictured from left to right:

Bottom row: Cade Laborde, Robert Kennedy, Kylie Markey, Anna Alford, Jacob Gamez, Sarah Saunders, Ma’Layah Edwards and Coyleah Lee.

Middle row: Elise Machado, Tyler Donnaud, Avery Danos, Katie Hindman, Isaac Oliva, Edmond Rodriguez, Ethan Bellanger, Mika Badeaux, Peyton Spurgeon and Jayden Jackson.

Top row: Cameron Keller, Parker Mosley, Justin Douglass, Adriana Jones, Makenzie Meunier, Lily Moore, Mikayla Ayuso, John Savoie and Brody Cazenave.

Not pictured: Skylynn Salazar and Jzyhai Scott.


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