Candidates should be respectful

The 2016 U. S. presidential campaign has taken some rotten turns that has made our citizens wonder just how civilized our country really is.

Politics does get dirty at times which may be understandable when important positions are at stake for the winners. But it does not speak well for the country as a whole or necessarily those who are likely to run it.

Of course, the candidates want to bring out the reasons why they should win but they don’t have to imply that their opponents are the cruddy individuals they make them out to be.

Politicians should show some respect for others running for the same office as they are if they want us to show some respect for them.

Hopefully, things will lighten up as the final count determines the winners.

And, if possible, the candidates should shake hands and say some nice things about one another before they abandon the campaign trail.

And most of the final results will soon be here.

The losing candidates should congratulate the winners if they are speaking to one another and offer to help them run their offices as many losing candidates have done in the past.

Of course, a democracy chooses the type of government the people vote for.

But that does not mean the losers can’t help steer the way the government operates in the future since they may have some good ideas also.

But the two top candidates for president in this election have different choices in the way their government should operate.

But there are many factors they can agree upon in how to operate the government.

Remember, the government is not just run by the president and his running mate.

There are legislators and many other government officials that help make the United States of America one of the best run countries in the world.

And we hope it can stay that way, regardless of who wins.


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