Fitting ending for Brees in San Diego return

As the game between the New Orleans Saints and San Diego Chargers proceeded in San Diego Sunday, it seemed like a strange day indeed.

Two quick touchdowns for the Saints looked like a positive opening of the door for the team’s first win of the season.`And during that time, it undoubtedly opened Saints Quarterback Drew Brees’ mind to the days when he began his NFL career playing for San Diego.

And after 11 years there, his career almost ended when he was hit and fell awkwardly to dislocate his shoulder and tear his labrum (shoulder ligament) completely.

As he walked off the field that day, he thought that may be his last day to ever play professional football.

After he arrived in San Diego this past Saturday, he went to the stadium where he played 11 years ago and walked the field.

He reflected as he said a prayer. In fact, he told his team in his pre-game speech to the Saints Sunday what happened 11 years ago and he was happy to get another chance at playing ball.

After two early touchdowns Sunday, the Saints seemed on fire but then things settled down and the Chargers got ahead. Quarterback Philip Rivers who had replaced Brees in San Diego went ahead of the Saints completing 28 of 43 passes for 321 yards an interception and two touchdowns to take the lead 31-21.

And then, with only eight minutes left in the game, the Saints defense went to work.

The Saints forced and recovered two fumbles deep in San Diego territory, setting up a touchdown throw from Brees to Michael Thomas and a one-yard run by John Kuhn to take a 35-34 lead.

And with two minutes remaining in the game, Brees took to his knees and then headed for the stands.

Following the game, Brees reportedly played with his kids on the field where his career almost ended many years ago. Yes, It was an interesting day for the Saints in San Diego Sunday.

Hopefully, things will continue to go like they did Sunday rather than during the first three games of the season when the Saints lost them all.

And that things will go happily ever after for the rest of the year.


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