Another important race is at stake

There’s more than just a presidential election coming up in Louisiana on Nov. 8.There’s also an election for our state’s second U. S. senator who should become a very important part of our federal governmental team.

Mary Landrieu was defeated by Bill Cassidy for her seat as senator. Our present second senator, David Vitter, is not running for re-election because he was  knocked out of the state election for governor.

But we do happen to have 24 candidates seeking Vitter’s seat.

We will not bore you by reciting all of their names but there are five fairly well-known candidates who have been spreading the word of their candidacies. They are Republican U. S. Rep. Charles Boustany, Democratic Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell, Democratic lawyer and businesswoman Caroline Fayard, Republican U. S. Rep. John Fleming and Republican State Treasurer John Kennedy.

Since Louisiana does not have the primary election system of other states, all candidates run against each other.

If no one gets more than 50 percent of the vote, the two leaders go into the runoff. Polls indicate  that the leaders at the present time are separated by only small percentages.

So it’s time to put on your thinking caps and decide who deserves your support.

With only some three weeks before registering your vote, there’s not much time left. Especially with 24 candidates to consider for one office.

As for the race for presidency, a lot of us citizens have already made up our minds and if we are deciding not to vote, we are making the wrong decision. There is always a better and a worse candidate. And the better one, in our view, should always get our vote. That way, the people of America get together to elect the best government for their people.

So listen to and read the commercials, think about them, and get ready to vote. It’s your country and it’s your patriotic duty to do so.


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