River Parish SENIORS bring home the gold

Winners from St. Charles, St. John and St. James parishes in the Bayou Senior Olympics are: Advanced horseshoes

•Women – 50-54 years: Rose Davis, third. 55-59 years: Mary Davis, third. 70-74: Edie Corso, tied for first; Catherine Schons, tied for first; Audrey Albert, second; and Maudie Thomas, third. 80-84: Emelda West, first; Lou Johnson, second; and Lillie Mae Davis and Mattie Thomas, tied for third. 85-89: Isabella Hayes, third. 90 and older: Josephine Bering, first.

•Men – 65-69: David Gauthe, second; 70-74: Charlie Duhe and Bill Elrod, tied for first; Charlie Duhe, Denver King and Melvin Scioneaux, tied for second; and Arthur Abadie, third. 75-79 years: Buck Buckley, first. 80-84 years: Gus Favorite and Chuck Wisher, tied for first. 85-89 years: Leonard Church, first; Hurschel Burleigh, second. 90-94 years: Pluto Simon, first.

Arts and crafts

•Crewel/cross stitch – 70-75: Judith Kliebert, third.

•Doll making – 80-84 years: Georgia Landry, second; and Anne Hymel, third.

•Embroidery – 65-69: Theresa Bartholomew, second. 70-74: Judith Kliebert, first.

•Knitting/crochet – 80-84: May Madere, second.

•Oil painting – 70-74: Edie Corso, third.

•Sewing – 80-84: Amelia Gassen, first.

•Sketching – 80-84: Anne Hymel, first.

•Watercolor – 70-74: Edie Corso, third.

•Wood crafts- 70-74: Melvin Scioneaux, second.

•Woodcarving – 70-74: Charlie Duhe, second. 80-84: Red Guidry, first.

•Baking – Desserts – 55-60: Tootsie Jasmine, second. 65-69: Theresa Bartholomew, third. 75-79: Mary Roussel, first. Pies – 70-74: Melvin Scioneaux, second; and Lou Kliebert, third.

Basketball freethrow

•Women – 50-54: Rose Davis, third. 55-59: Mary Davis, second. 70-74: Viola Sumler, first; Edie Croso, third.

•Men – 65-69: David Gauthe, first; Herman Hymel, third. 70-74: Denver King, first; Melvin Scioneaux, second; Charlie Duhe, third. 85-89: Hurschel Burleigh, first; Leonard Church, second.

Bowling doubles

•Women – 60-64: Goldie Kruse, first. 65-69: Lena Polk, first; and Joan Comardelle, third. 70-74: Lupe Sweeney and Corrie Haynes, tied for second; Edie Corso, Dolores Dufrene, and Marcella Tramonte, third. 75-79: Peggy Howes, first; Johanna Gelsomino and Elinor Grove, tied for second; Eva Durand and Martha Lambert, third. 80-84: Joyce Bourgeois, first; Maude Hymel, second.

•Male – 60-64: Cliff Hebert, first; Junius Adams, second. 65-69: Wayne Forsythe, first; Ron Kruse, second; 70-74: Larry Ridlen, first; John Cox, second; Johnny Caldarera and Dudley LeBlanc, tied for third. 75-79: Willie Macloud, second; and Earl Perque, third. 80-84: Henry Brady and Chuck Wisher, first; Clarence Comardelle and Emile Durand, second. 85-89: Hurschel Burleigh, first.

Bowling, mixed doubles

•Women – 60-64: Goldie Kruse, first. 65-69: Lena Polk, third. 70-74: Helen Melancon, second; Lupe Sweeney, third. 75-79: Martha Lambert, second. 80-84: Ann Zeringue, first.

•Men – 60-64: Cliff Hebert, second; and Junius Adams, third. 65-69: Alvin Vedros, second. 70-74: Bob Lotz, third.

Bowling single

•Women – 65-69: Lena Polk, first. 70-74: Lupe Sweeney, first; and Marcella Tramonte and Corrie Haynes, third. 75-79: Elinor Grove, first; Johanna Gelsomino, second. 80-84: Joyce Bourgeois, first.

•Men – 60-64: Cliff Hebert, first. 65-69: Wayne Forsythe, second. 70-74: Tony Gelsomino, first; Larry Ridlen, second. 80-84: Chuck Wisher, first; Clarence Comardelle, second; Emile Durand, third.

Charmin toss

•Women – 50-54: Rose Davis, first. 60-64: Elise Jackson, first. 70-74: Mary Cormier, third. 75-79: Blanche Foucher, second; Catherine Rubit, third. 80-84: Lois Perilloux, second; Lillie Mae Davis, third. 85-89: Isabella Hayes, second.

•Male – 65-69: Herman Hymel, first. 70-74: John Cox, first; Arthur Abadie, third. 75-79: Big Dog Philips, first. 80-84: Gus Favorite, first; Red Guidry, second; James Matthews, third. 90-94: Pluto Simon, first.


Rita Bourgeois, Pat Duhe, Carmen Early, Cleo Eugene, Ouida Faucheux, Melba LeBlanc, Odile Roper, Merlyn St. Pierre and Kitty Summers, second.


65-69: Hubert Cambre, second. 70-74: Bill Elrod, first; Charlie Duhe and Edie Corso, second; and Melvin Scioneaux and Audrey Albert, third. 75-79: Milton Brady, first. 85-89: Hurschel Burleigh, first.

Shot put

65-69: James Estay, second. 70-74: Audrey Albert and Melvin Scioneaux, first; Edie Corso and Charlie Duhe, second; and Bill Elrod and Glo Lewis, third. 75-79: Milton Brady, first; and Ora Lee Keppard, third. 85-89: Hurschel Burleigh, first. 90-94: Pluto Simon, first.


•1 mile walk-athon 65-69: Wop Foret, first. 70-74: Edie Corso and Melvin Scioneaux, first; Charlie Duhe, second. 85-89: Hurschel Burleigh, first.

•100-meter sprint – 70-74: Charlie Duhe, first; Melvin Scioneaux, second.

•1,500-meter racewalk – 70-74: Merlyn St. Pierre and Melvin Scioneaux, first; and Charlie Duhe, second.

•1,500-meter run – 80-84: Amelia Gassen, first.

•200-meter run – 70-74: Melvin Scioneaux, first; Charlie Duhe, second.

•400-meter run – 70-74: Melvin Scioneaux, first; and Charlie Duhe, second.

•500-meter dash – 70-74: Melvin Scioneaux, first; and Charlie Duhe, second.

•800-meter racewalk – 70-74: Bill Elrod, first; Charlie Duhe, second; and Melvin Scioneaux, third.

•Javelin – 65-69: Hubert Cambre, first. 70-74: Edie Corso and Melvin Scioneaux, first; and Audrey Albert and Charlie Duhe, second. 90 and older: Josephine Bering, first. 80-84: Gus Favorite, first. 85-89: Hurschel Burleigh, first; 90 and older: Pluto Simon, first.


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