Hahnville’s Reginald Lumar Committed to Excellence

In Hahnville’s last district game against Destrehan, Reginald Lumar led his team to a sweet victory with a score of 59-45. Lumar with 22 points opened up the game with three pointers back to back. His defense was untouchable and his drive right down the middle often times was unstoppable. Reginald, a senior at Hahnville has played point guard for the past four years. A consistent player as described by his coach, stays focused the entire game and gives his all until the end. He works hard in practice and feels that game time is when you bring the strongest game you have.

Building his game and developing his talent by playing both recreation ball and AAU, Lumar is a “pleasure to coach,” said Coach Brian Lumar, adding, “He is a catalyst on the floor, and he makes things happen on the court.”

Support from his mother and father, who attend all of his games, played a major factor in Reginald’s commitment to excellence. “I have always told my son, identify your dream, put God first in your life, and you will have your dream,” said Mrs. Lumar. Sitting on Reginald’s refrigerator at home is a piece of paper with a dream he wrote many years ago, “I want to play for the NBA.”

Reginald loves the game, loves the fans, and loves the cheering. “All this pumps me up,” said Reginald, “and I can’t let up.” “There is no ‘I’ in team, it is the team that takes you where you want to go.”

Reginald has strong fundamentals skills but more importantly understands the mental game. “I try to get all my players to understand, if they don’t have the mental game, their physical game will only take them so far,” said Coach Lumar. “During pressure points in the game, I can rely on Reginald to step up, set the tone and keep the ball moving.”

“I love playing defense and challenging my opponent, I love the pressure,” said Lumar. “When you come out on the floor, you have to come out with your best game,” reflected Reginald. “Every team comes to beat you, anytime, on any day of the week.”

Reginald plays hard and drives the ball as much as he can. He averages around 20 points a game. “He is a silent leader and it has been a pleasure coaching him and watching him mature, said Coach Brian. “I tell my players to play hard, play smart and play together.” Reginald has managed to do these three requests most successfully.

He is being recruited by and plans to attend Mississippi College in Jackson Mississippi. A humble person by nature who is intense on defense and shows great confidence on offense has truly made a commitment to excellence.


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