Destrehan Lady Wildcats Win District Champs

Kala Keller opens and closes the last district game

The undefeated Lady Wildcats soccer team closed out their season on Friday, February 3, at West Jeff Stadium against John Ehret shutting them out 12-0. Kala Keller, a senior honor student at Destrehan, opened the team’s last district game scoring in the first minute of the game. Keller, who has a propensity for winning, loves driving the ball down field to score for the team. With the tone set, the Lady Wildcats continued to do what they do best and went on a scoring spree.

Francie Abell who has played for Destrehan three years, has been nothing but consistent with her defense and attacks the ball, pushing it up field to either assist with a score or makes the score herself. Abell, produced two goals for the Wildcats that added to the shut out. Michelle Corso and Heather Tizzard both dangerous on defensive scored 2 points a piece when they sent shots past the John Ehret’s goalie to score for the Wildcats. The score at the half was 8-0.

Tayrn Ramsey, Ashley Sylvester, Jessica Cimino and goalie Allison Ladreyt each scored a goal which aided in the Wildcats in their win. The Lady Cats dominated the field the entire game. In the second half of the game the Lady Cats showed off their skill in ball handling and team work. The last two points scored was an assist from Keller to Tizzard for a goal. The final goal was scored at the last seconds of the game by Keller with an assist from Sylvester. The Lady Wildcats win district and have earned a place in the playoffs.


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