Big bass getting hooked in Cataouatche

Last week I received reports of bass weighing 5 and 6 pounds being caught in the Lake Cataouatche area. This is not a surprise. When the red maple starts to bud, this is an indication big bass start to bed up and prepare to spawn.

Pick a good, warm day when the water is up in the lakes and fish the baby brush hog in the watermelon, the white spinner bait, or the rattle trap in the red blood-line, chrome perch, or blue chrome. The spawn started after Christmas and will continue through April. Naturally, the big fish spawn early, and as the season goes on, the smaller fish spawn will follow.

Pete Cassagne, of Waggman, had a chance to fish the Lake Cataouatche area last week. Using the black/chartreuse, blue/white, red/white/chartreuse mini jig under a cork, he was able to catch a dozen of sac-a-laits in the grass beds by the Tank Ponds.

Now is the time to scout out deer movement

A great time of year to scout for next year’s deer hunting is now. Scrapes, rub lines, and trails can easily be detected.  Foliage this time of the year is at a bare minimum. Walk the area around your stand and you will discover rubs and scrape lines you did not know existed.

Marking these spots with a GPS or flagging material will give incites on where you should put up a climber or new stand.  Deer generally will travel the same trails and rub lines from the previous year.

Hunting season ends with a wimper

Each year, hunter across the state prepare for the traditions of opening weekends of their favorite hunting season.

Sadly we think of the day the season will come to a close.  Starting with the early teal season in September and the close of rabbit season in February, the dreaded day will come when I have to put my guns up for the year.

Feeling the pressure of the last weekend, I made afternoon hunts Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Sunday, I made my last ride to my favorite deer stand to watch the sun go down on the 2009-10 deer season in Area 6.
It was a cool, foggy day that led to anticipations of having a trophy buck walking out.  With the season ending, the primitive arms segment of the last week was now at hand.

The 45-70 Government Issue was ready to fire the 325-grain Hornady.  Nothing moved on this last day.  Quite disappointing, but being able to bring good friends David Harrison and his son Logan  make a hunt made the closing  weekend special. From the Oil well, David and his son enjoyed a comfortable afternoon of hunting.

Wait until next year.


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