Putting God in your marriage can keep it strong

After 13 years of marriage, Rick Harris loved his wife even more than he did when he first married her. He wrote the following poem in hopes that the insight he gained after 13 years of marriage would help other married couples.The love of newlyweds is special and new

Their future is bright and fresh as dew
Full of promise and their hope is bright
No problem too big that they can’t fight.
The first two years, the threat is real
So say the experts, of win or fail
But these two are tried and true
The threat has come and gone; their love is still new.
The first five years have come and gone
Through trials and tribulations, they’re still as one
Their love for each other is just as bright
Their dreams of the future, looked on with delight.
Six years, seven years, eight years go past
Dreams of the future now don’t last
Even though they say they love one another
They look at each other and silently wonder.
The fights and arguments begin to increase
And the love for each other begin to decrease
Where once they considered the feelings of each other
Now it’s too much trouble; they don’t want to bother.
They’ve never gone to church; God is a stranger
They go on through life, not seeing the danger
They silently ask themselves, “Should this marriage continue
Or should we just stop it now, it’s no longer new?”
Once they would agree; now it’s “You are wrong, I am right!”
Not willing to budge, but preparing to fight
They forgot true love and the vows they once canted
Now all they do is take each other for granted.
They look to the future, now it looks bleak
Past fights and emotional scars have made them weak
Without God there to help them grow
They decide to quit, divorce and go.
If only they would have invited Jesus from the very start
Into their lives, and marriage and hearts
There still would be struggles, there and here
But God’s Word says Not To Fear
Your hearts He will refresh daily and love made new
And gives you wisdom to know what to do
On Him all your fears and troubles do you cast
And your marriage will be all joy and will continue to last.
What I have spoken here is tried and true
My love for my wife is just like new
Over thirteen years we have been wed
And by God’s Word we are still led.
So please, you newlyweds and everyone reading this now
Invite God into your hearts, and you will see how
Your love for each other will always burn bright
As long as you continue in God’s Holy Light.

Rick Harris,
Dedicated to my loving wife, Ruby


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