Children’s letters to God

Kid say the darndest things – especially when they’re writing letters to God.

Here’s a touching and at times humorous sampling of letters from youngsters all over America that have been collected by psychologist and Presbyterian Sunday School teacher Marsha Grekato, who’s putting the finishing touches on her book, Why Children Write Letters to God – and What They Want from Him.
“You might laugh, you may cry – but you will be moved by these messages,” Grekato, of Charlotte, North Carolina, tells the Herald-Guide.

Here they are, and don’t forget: Share them with friends.

Dear God: The doctor says my grandmaw is going blind and she’s real scared. I’ll make you a deal. Take my eyes and let my grandmaw keep hers. If you do this for me I’ll pray every day and be real good.

Bobby, 8, Memphis, Tennessee

Dear God: My brother Jimme died and went to Heaven and I never got to say goodbye. He has red hair and freckles. Do you ever see him? Tell him I said, “Hi” and I’m sorry I pulled his hair.

Bye for now,

Robert, 11, Kansas City, Missouri

Dear God: How are you? What is your last name? Can I take my dog to Heaven with me? Is there food in Heaven? What kind? You don’t make kids eat liver do you? Where do you stand when there aren’t any clouds in the sky?
Timothy, 8, Washington, D.C.

Dear God: I need more brains than the ones you gave me when I was a baby. My big sister says she has a 185 IQ brain. If you give me a 195 IQ brain, I won’t make fun of my sister for being stupid like she makes fun of me for being stupid and I’ll make all good grades in school.


Terri, 10, Seattle, Washington

Dear God: My new baby brother doesn’t have teeth. My mommy says he will get some and I hope he does so he can eat real food. Please come and finish the baby.

Tracy, 9, Birmingham, Alabama

Dear God: My mommy is very sick and only you can help her my daddy says. The best Christmas present for me would be for Mommy’s hair to grow back and for her to get out of bed and be well again.

I don’t want any other Christmas presents. That’s why I’m writing you instead of Santa Claus.

Your friend,

Tommy, 10, Baltimore Maryland

Dear God: Have you ever thought about shaving your beard? I think you would look younger if you did.

Colette, 9, Indianapolis, Indiana


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