Sheriff’s Reports 2-18-2021

Suspects are innocent until proved guilty in a court of law.


• Tyrell Hill, 32, of 309 Mockingbird Lane in St. Rose, was arrested Feb. 9 and charged with resisting an officer with force or violence (three counts), battery of a police officer (two counts) and resisting an officer.

• Kent Vaughn, 60, of 14610 A Cajun Paradise Road in Paradis, was arrested Feb. 9 and charged with aggravated burglary.

• Lenard Landon, 38, of 337 Ormond Oaks in Destrehan, was arrested Feb. 9 and charged with third degree rape.

• Jeremy Martin, 28, of 444 West Harding St. in New Sarpy, was arrested Feb. 10 and charged with sexual abuse of an animal (two counts).

• Francis Berry, 37, of 128 Christopher Lane in Jena, was arrested Feb. 8 and charged with illegal carrying of weapons in presence of CDS.

• Kevin Hogan Jr., 40, was arrested Feb. 9 and was charged with possession or distribution of drug paraphernalia, possession of oxycodone and possession of methamphetamine.


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