Freedom of speech should not cause violence

Freedom of speech is one of the tenets of democracy. It allows us to express the pros and cons of what is going on in the world, helping to educate us and provide solutions to many problems. And it is one of the main means in which we can maintain a stable and peaceful world.

So it is discomforting when people create violence because some of that free speech was offensive to them. Such was the case when some Muslims reacted violently to a vile video against their faith, causing murderous attacks on American diplomats and inciting violent responses against our government.

Four Americans, including the U. S. ambassador to Libya, and ten protestors died in the riots it caused. As a result, the U.S. has had to increase its security in many countries.

Perhaps freedom of speech should not include insulting messages and falsehoods. But how can you judge what is and is not?

On the other hand, there is no doubt that a criminal act is committed when people kill and commit violent acts even in cases where free speech has allowed someone to insult them.

To seek a solution, we have to educate people to have an open mind to people who have reasonable perspectives but ignore what is said by the malicious and ill-informed of our world.

By so doing we can practice our freedom of speech, which is a great asset to mankind, and at the same time maintain an equilibrium which helps to keep an orderly existence on earth.


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