Debates can help elect best President

Hurricane Isaac has blown away but there is another storm blowing in. It is the Presidential election of 2012.

We can’t ignore it because it has as much effect on our existence as the hurricane. As human beings, we just have to solve the problems and issues that blow our way, whether they have a hurricane label or not.

Our candidates have taken different views on how to help the country and, in the long run, help provide a trouble-free world. Of course, countries around the world are on a different track and, perhaps, cannot be put on the same course.

But in America, where democracy reigns, we need to hear how our next President will run the country before we elect him. The candidates don’t want to press the pedals too far, however, because they may hit too many bumps in the road that could damage their campaigns.

That is why the emergence of face-to-face Presidential debates has been beneficial to our political system. It allows the voters to see their candidates face each other and, after they shake hands, hear what they will do while in office and how it will benefit the country. And then, perhaps they can tell voters how their opponents’ plans will not help the country.

John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon started the debate procedure and it has been a highlight of Presidential campaigns ever since. Debates help to bring out the details of candidates’ plans while in office and the possible positive and negative effects of them.

The debates will be coming up soon and it should be required watching by anyone who wants to find out how the candidates will fulfill their jobs in making this country a better place in which to live.

Be sure you tune in.


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