State sinking $12M into Hwy. 90 realignment

Project aimed at easing growing traffic congestion

Driving from U.S. Highway 90 onto the I-310 ramp in Luling has been challenging when traffic backs up for miles and it’s a problem that’s lasted for years, but work has begun on what some consider a reasonable fix.

An estimated $12 million project, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) has surveyors on preliminary planning to realign U.S. Highway 90. The fix is also considered an alternative to the initially planned I-310 interchange that would have taken many years longer and cost an estimated  $23 million.

Surveyors have been on the site near the I-310 ramp doing preliminary work on the project, which is being initiated by the New Orleans Regional Planning Commission (RPC).

“We believe we have a solution where we move the travel lanes a little bit,”  said Jeff Roesel, deputy director of the New Orleans Regional Planning Commission (RPC).

Roesel said the proposed realignment was chosen from 16 alternatives, he said.

Realigning Highway 90 became viewed as a more viable and cost effective option to the initially proposed fly-over ramp.

Additional study would have been required to ensure it didn’t conflict with the planned I-49 corridor.

The RPC, DOTD and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) agreed on an alternative that calls for realigning Highway 90 westbound travel lanes under the bridge structure for the on- and off-ramp.

Public meetings will be scheduled, possibly by summer, to discuss the project, he said.

“We’re going to show how we got to this … how the 16 go to this one and why, in our opinion, it’s the most practical and cost effective,” Roesel said. “It will require some sliver of right of way.”

Area residents are already contacting him about the project because the DOTD is surveying the area, he said.


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