Speed limit will increase on elevated portion of I-310

New signs will soon mark the speed limit increasing from 60 mph to 70 mph along elevated sections of I-310 to I-10.The move was prompted by St. Charles Parish Councilman Paul Hogan, who maintained the lower limit constituted a “speed trap” because it was inconsistent with other interstates in Louisiana where the speed limit is 70 mph.

“Just glad to see it happening, as I’m sure are all motorists who use that section of the interstate,” Hogan said.

Citizens were angry over getting speeding tickets on the elevated portion of I-310, he added.

“Most people, in general, complained about the speed limit,” he said. “And I complained about the speed limit.”

Hogan, who enlisted the help of state Sen. Gary Smith and state Rep. Greg Miller, approached the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) to request the change.

DOTD spokeswoman Bambi Hall said the higher limit will apply to elevated sections of I-310 from I-10 to the Hale Boggs Bridge based on the results of engineering studies conducted by the department.

On Aug. 1, new 70 mph signs will replace the 60 mph signs.

The elevated sections of I-310 have had a 60 mph speed limit since 1999, Hall said.

While portions of I-310 were already 70 mph, this change means all of the interstate will be posted at this limit.

Sheriff Greg Champagne said he agreed with upping the limit on “a well maintained flat interstate highway – provided it is well maintained, surfaced smoothly and has appropriate shoulders and is well marked.”

But Champagne added he feels the section of I-310 that constitutes the Luling bridge is different.

“We have experienced numerous serious crashes on the crown of the bridge due to unexpected cross winds and weather,” Champagne said. “There is also the steep entry lane especially on the west side which puts cars entering traffic going up the slope at slow speeds. This causes other vehicles traveling at 70 (or above) to run up from behind on entering vehicles creating danger as well.”

Champagne said he’s advocated lowering the speed limit from 70 mph to 60 mph on Hale Boggs Memorial Bridge, but to no avail.

While Hogan said he had no problem with lowering the speed limit on the bridge, he stands by the move to raise the limit on I-310.


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