Southern Latte Café: ‘You never know what our minds are brewing’

What makes Southern Latte Café better than other coffee shops such as PJs and Starbucks is the atmosphere.

“Every time someone new walks in, we always hear ‘Wow, it’s so cozy and cute in here,” said café owner Randy Muller. “We love this because we wanted an environment that anyone can come and relax in a quiet place while sipping on coffee with friends, studying for finals, or having a business meeting. Our coffee is different because it is made with premium beans from many different countries, giving it a fresh flavor every time we brew it. Our coffee beans stand out from our competitors due to its custom blend of unique beans from around the world, which makes for a perfect cup of coffee unlike any other.”

The café also features a wide variety of flavors, unlike the big franchise companies, which Muller said gives their café a special blend to fit every taste bud.

Muller also attributes a key ingredient of the café success to their baristas’ dedication and training in which takes over 120 hours for them to truly understand the art and chemistry of their work.

 “With a small staff, we pride ourselves on being friendly baristas who try to memorize our regulars name and their usual coffees,” he said. “We have a lot to try to remember, but we know how special it makes one feel to know their coffee is remembered and is ready, so we try our hardest to get it right. However, don’t feel bad if we can’t remember what you get. With just one more stop, we’ll be on track to getting your drink memorized.”

With the holidays approaching, it’s a perfect time for Southern Latte because they love holidays.

“We have many delicious flavor combinations that will put anyone in the holiday spirit, including snowflake, peppermint mocha, gingersnap, eggnog and Christmas cookie,” Muller said. “We usually make special pastries that have a holiday twist as well. Now that the cool weather is approaching, we are now serving a variety of different soups for lunch. The soups differ each day, so just give us a call and we’ll let you know what the soup of the day is.”

Muller said that customers are in love with Southern Latte’s frappes.

“These are frozen drinks that can come in any flavor that we offer,” he said. “They have a combination espresso in them, so they are sure to give you that extra kick of energy.”

The bestsellers are usually anything to do with chocolate, white chocolate or caramel. Southern Latte also offers an iced coffee that’s a slow 24-hour toddy drip coffee for customers who prefer a stronger/bolder taste.

“Our lattes and frappes are our most popular types of drinks, although they’re all good,” Muller said.

If anyone wonders whether coffee is an art, ask Muller who is certain it is one.

“We love to ‘spruce’ up our coffees that are topped with whip cream that leaves everyone in line saying. ‘Mmm, what’s that?!’” he said. “Our favorite thing to hear is that ‘Ahhh’ after the first sip, and that’s how you know you just made the perfect cup of coffee.”

Southern Latte Café caters for large companies and rents out the location on Sundays for events, such as baby showers, gender reveal, engagement parties, and birthdays. Their manager, Donna, will be happy to assist you when booking your event.

Business hours are Monday through Friday 5 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information and to check out the menu go to or email: or call (985) 308-1472. Southern Latte also is on Facebook.


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