Plantation View reaches 70 percent mark

Y’Annika Edwards (L) and Jessica Scofield at the Specialty Suite.
Y’Annika Edwards (L) and Jessica Scofield at the Specialty Suite.

Growing local services and patients

The view is beautiful at Destrehan’s Plantation View Medical Offices with new tenants and growing services aimed at fulfilling the mission of appealing to patients locally.

“It’s at 70 percent full is positive in my eyes considering where it comes from and its taken time to find the right tenants to start to fill up the building. I think we’re at a very good place going forward with the hospital looking strategically using the space, as well as potential new tenants,” said Austin Reeder, CEO of St. Charles Parish Hospital. “A top priority is to keep local patients local.”

At about this time last year, the facility was nearly 50 percent full.

Renovations for Oschner Primary Care’s 10,000 square-foot suite on Plantation View’s second floor have been completed and is opening this week, Reeder said. This space will include a lab, a colorectal clinic along with services on smoking cessation, diabetic education and enough space to grow primary care.

Of these services, Addiction Recovery Resources is the latest tenant, a Metairie-based outpatient recovery group that provides services locally, as well as supports the parish’s drug court.

Filling the facility has proven challenging since it was built.

“Looking for new tenants that have the ability to build out a space with capital to do this can present a challenge,” Reeder said. “I also think from a medical standpoint, you’ll find many physicians practices looking for smaller space (2,000 square feet rather than 10,000 square feet), so we have to look strategically to make it attractive for medical tenants.”

Located at 13100 River Road, the $15 million Plantation View building with its French Quarter style façade was built to provide access to medical and emergency care to the area. Ochsner Health System, which is a managing partner hired by the Hospital Board to operate the hospital and Plantation View, has been pursuing additional health care tenants.

The facility already includes Ochsner Pharmacy and Wellness, Ochsner Health Center that includes primary care (Drs. Anne Colwart and Monica Williams, along with Ochsner Multispecialty with Drs. Brian Brogl and Y’Annika Edwards in urology, and Drs. John McCrossen and Sheena Pullman, both in OB/GYN, as well as Ochsner Health Center for Children – Destrhan Pediatrics.

St. Charles Urgent Care is Plantation View’s first tenant when the 72,000 square-foot was completed in 2016.

Since this time, Apache Industrial Services has come on board on the facility’s third floor offices.

More recently, locally owned Honeydoux Café’ and Bakery has also opened a location.

“I’ve heard great reviews on coffees and pastries from tenants and the community,” he said. Destrehan pastry chef Katie Hymel owns and makes the food and coffees at the café.

Reeder said more announcements may come in summer on remaining space possibly being used by the hospital, projecting as much as 30 percent of the building may be dedicated to hospital use.

Additional signage will be placed at the location, he said. Tenants will have the option to be named on a sign and the panels are being designed at this time. The St. Charles Parish Hospital road sign will be back lit by May, and additional directional signage will be added based on feedback from patients and visitors.

The location is particularly advantageous with being located on River Road and I-310 access, he added.

“What’s exciting to me is the progress the hospital has made in the quality of care provided locally so people don’t have to travel into the city to get this quality care,” Reeder said. “Our service scores are top in the region.”


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