Ormond vandals caught

Slingshot weapon of choice

Last week, two 16 year-old juveniles were arrested and charged 17 counts of criminal damage to property. According to police reports, the individuals are responsible, in part, for the spate of vandalism that took place in Ormond Subdivision during March.

Sheriff Greg Champagne credits the public with helping catch the vandals that have plagued Ormond, as their tips were instrumental.

After posting a reward of $2,500 from Crimestoppers and information of an old red car and “a young man approximately 16 to 18 years-old, 6 feet tall wearing a backwards cap,” the sheriff’s office received several credible tips on Good Friday.

“Based on information from the public, we questioned some people and were able to make an arrest,” said Champagne. The sheriff would not speculate on the exact information that led to their capture so as to not compromise the investigation.

The pair allegedly used a slingshot to commit the crimes, which was one of the suspected weapons from parish police.

Due to their age, the suspects cannot be named. One teen was from Ormond and another resided in New Sarpy. After their arrest, the juveniles were incarcerated at the Juvenile Detention Facility in Coushatta.

“They are in juvenile custody, which we had to work very hard to find a place for them because there is a lack of juvenile facilities,” said Champagne.

As of Tuesday, police officials reported that the juveniles remain in custody.

Crime and vandalism has pestered parish police in Ormond, where detectives were routinely posted around the clock.

During three separate spurts, vandals damaged dozens of cars and caused thousands of dollars in destruction. There was also an evening of car break-ins, but the arrested subjects have not been charged with those crimes.

Even though the two juveniles were arrested, Sheriff Champagne urged citizens to make sure that their vehicles stay locked and to stay on the lookout for copycats.


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