Man pleads guilty after girlfriend’s daughter brought meth to school

A St. Rose man pleaded guilty to a charge of simple burglary Friday, bringing to an end a case that saw the second grade daughter of his live-in girlfriend show her teacher a bag of methamphetamine she’d accidentally taken from their home.

Kevin Richardson, 24 and of 147 Johnson St., received a seven-year deferred sentence that he can avoid through adhering to the terms of his five-year active probation. He must also serve 12 months with the intensive incarceration program, which allows courts to sentence offenders to programs that provide intense, individualized treatment in a correctional setting.

Initially, the man’s girlfriend and girl’s mother, Christina Cherry, 25, also faced charges of possession of methamphetamine and obstruction of justice. According to the St. Charles Parish District Attorney’s Office, those charges were dismissed as Richardson took responsibility for the incident. Richardson was also initially charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, but pleaded guilty to a burglary charge related to an April arrest. He must pay restitution to the victim in that case.

In February of 2017, the child found a bag containing a small amount of white substance, that bag within a tissue pack she had brought to school. After showing the bag to her teacher, the school contacted the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office. The substance was identified by detectives as methamphetamine. According to the Sheriff’s Office, it is believed the child took the tissue pack from home weeks prior to the incident without realizing its contents.


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