Hahnville Supermarket with a new look and customer focus

Where the River Plaza shopping center once stood is now the freshly-named Hahnville Supermarket, a change that happened just eight months ago.Store manager Chris Aziz says that the changes at the location hardly end with the name. Aziz said the aim is to reinvigorate that area and provide a cost-efficient, quality marketplace for their local community.

“We just want to make it a great shop for the people around here,” Aziz said. “We want to bring some life back to this neighborhood and give people a reason to come into our store and continue to do so. We want to have better prices and better product for our customers.”

While aiming to attract more customers, keeping the longtime customers of the store satisfied is also a major part of the equation. Aziz notes the market has been there many years, and even with new management, there is great appreciation for those who have remained loyal customers.

 “You have people who have been our customers for the longest time,” Aziz said. “This is our community. So if we can save them a little money and help in any little way we can, that’s what we want to do. Whether it’s groceries, meat, liquor, we want them to have the best possible prices and not have to pay more than they should.”

Through nearly a year, the feedback has been good so far, Aziz says. Repeat business has been strong and he said that the suggestions of the public are taken seriously, and have in fact led to some changes already.

“We want people to like what we do. If they tell us differently, then we change things up,” Aziz said. “Price-wise, service-wise, we take the customer’s opinion very seriously. It’s important to us. For us, our customers have been very happy … they’ve spent their money here, supported us and they believe we’re doing a great job for our community. So, without question, we want to keep that going.”

One way customers suggestions have helped improve the store’s outlook is in terms of its inventory, which Aziz says has just about tripled since the store’s rebranding. The store offers a wide variety of products, meat and produce departments, a large inventory of liquor and numerous household items.

“People have asked me if we can carry this item or that item, to hold more items so they don’t have to go elsewhere for it,” he said. “My inventory has really built up since we’ve started here. I think as we go on, it’ll only get better.”

Hahnville Supermarket is located at 15661 River Road in Hahnville.


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