Flea market find leads to return of 30-year-old graduation ring

Kasey Hunter

When Brad Luquette’s “Nanna” asked him to find the owner of a ring she’d gotten from one of her treasure hunts around town, he went to work.

His grandmother, Juanita Luquette of Luling, explained she’d had the ring for nearly 10 years until she talked to Brad about it.

“I have to apologize to the young lady because it’s been at my house a while,” Luquette said. “When I go to garage sales or thrift stores, a lot of times they have these little baskets and I pick things up, and sometimes I put them in a drawer and it doesn’t faze me.”

It was a 1990 high school graduation ring with the name Kasey Hunter engraved inside. The ring was from Shiloh Christian School. It had been in Nanna’s little rings and things dish in the kitchen for nearly 10 years.

But it did worry her a little and one day recently, as Brad stood in the kitchen, it occurred to her that he could use social media to find the ring’s owner.

Brad saw the name and looked it up on Facebook. He only found one person named Kasey Hunter on the social media site and messaged her with photographs of the ring. It was a match.

Hunter doesn’t remember how she lost the ring, but when she saw the message she was shocked.

“I was like, ‘Oh my goodness.’ I was really shocked,” she said. “I was a little skeptical about his grandmother finding it in a garage sale, but we talked a little bit and they decided to reach out to me. I was the only Kasey Hunter on Facebook.”

Brad said he’d bring the ring to her and the next day they met at Wayne Jacob’s Smokehouse in LaPlace, where she works. Hunter lives in Reserve.

“I kind of hear stories like this all the time, of people helping each other,” Brad said. “There are acts of kindness that are sort of long shots, but they become a good deed. Every now and then it works out.”

“There are acts of kindness that are sort of long shots, but they become a good deed. Every now and then it works out.” — Brad Luquette

Encouraged by his business partner to do the right thing and the memory of his former girlfriend losing her ring, Brad had decided he’d help return the ring to its owner.

“She was really, really happy,” he said. “On Facebook, she said it was her ring and couldn’t believe it.”

The ring came from a middle-high school now closed and formerly in Gretna.

“Brad was a really nice young man, a sweet guy for doing this,” Hunter said. “It was really nice of him to drop it off.”

Hunter expressed gratitude to Brad and his grandmother for this incredible kindness.

“It was really sweet of them to look for me and reach out, and give it to its rightful owner,” she said. “It’s unbelievable. Who would have thought my ring would show up after I kind of shrugged it off?”

Hunter told them she owed them lunch, and they’re going to the restaurant where she can finally meet Juanita, who was determined to return the ring.

Once back in her hands, Hunter mused, “It still fits.”

Mystery of the ring

  • It stays in Nanna’s rings and things dish in her kitchen for nearly 10 years.
  • Her grandson visits recently and she asks him to find the owner.
  • Using Facebook, the mystery is solved.


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