Sheriff’s Reports 5-9-2024

Suspects are innocent until proved guilty in a court of law

• Zachary Murray, 30, was arrested May 6 and charged with false communication with the intent to cause an emergency response (misuse of 911). He had an attachment.

• Thomas Twetten, 18, was arrested May 5 and charged with video voyeurism and third degree rape.

• Kori Curole, 21, was arrested May 3 and charged with simple criminal damage to property and aggravated battery.

• Nicholas Joseph, 37, was arrested May 4 and charged with domestic abuse battery with child endangerment. He had attachments.

• Caine Camardelle, 21, was arrested May 4 and charged with criminal trespass, SCP ordinance-discharge of weapon in a residential area and illegal use of weapons of dangerous instrumentalities.