Dog-saving Lieutenant graduates from FBI academy

Lt. Ricky Oubre, who is known for saving dogs from animal shelters throughout the southeastern part of the state and training them for police work, graduated from the FBI National Academy Program.

He was among 269 law enforcement officers who graduated on June 6.

“This was a great training experience that will undoubtedly make me a better law enforcement officer, and I wish to thank Sheriff Greg Champagne and the FBI for providing me with this opportunity,” Oubre said.

The National Academy Program, which is held in Quantico, Va., offers 10 weeks of advanced investigative, management and fitness training for selected officials with a proven record as a professional within their agencies. Training is provided by FBI Academy instructional staff, special agents, and other staff members holding advanced degrees. Many of the staff are recognized internationally in their field of expertise.

Oubre has been in law enforcement for over 26 years with the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office. He presently serves as commander of the department’s Canine Division.

For the past 15 years, Oubre has scowered animal shelters, saving dogs that can be trained for police work. Two years ago, Oubre saved a Labrador retriever named Loco that was just days away from lethal injection. Oubre came across the dog in an Ascension Parish animal shelter, where he learned that it had been abused.

Loco was soon taken home to live with Oubre and his family in order to give the dog some much-needed love and social interaction. After discovering that the animal had the traits needed for police work, Oubre trained Loco to be a narcotics dog.

After Loco’s training, he was released to another detective on the narcotics unit.

Recently, Oubre heard about another dog named Freckles from one of his co-workers. Oubre visited Freckles, who is estimated to be around 3-years-old, and brought him home.
While Oubre trained Loco for the narcotics division, Freckles was trained for search and rescue missions. Right now, Freckles can sniff out cadavers. In the future, Oubre hopes that he will be able to find people in times of crisis.

Oubre currently has plans to train an arson dog and he is  looking for an agency that will utilize such a dog and  supply a handler.


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