Neighbors use lemonade stand earnings to feed linemen

Michael Schlumbrecht, Hannah Lirette, Molly Schlumbrecht and Jordan Lirette set up a lemonade stand this week to raise money to feed linemen.

School may not be back in session yet due to the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, but five Boutte children are proving that there are still many life lessons to be learned outside of the classroom.

Tiffany Schlumbrecht said she was initially confused when her three children – 10-year-old Molly, 9-year-old Michael and 14-year-old Olivia – and her neighbor Christina Lirette’s two children – 11-year-old Jordan and 9-year-old Hannah – came running through her house this week rummaging for groceries.

“The kids came running in and grabbing sugar and water and lemons and then said they were making a lemonade stand,” Tiffany said. “They were very successful and ended up making $120 and after it was over they talked about what they could do with the money. They said, ‘How do we help?’”

The kids decided to use the money – as well as the $95 they made the next day on the lemonade stand and a $200 donation from the Harahan Winn Dixie- to provide a meal, drinks and chips to 100 linemen who were working in the area to restore power after the storm.

Michael said it made him feel happy to help others, and Molly said it made her happy to put a smile on someone else’s face.

Hannah said it made her feel proud and happy to help others, and Jordan agreed.

“It made my heart feel happy and very selfless in time of need,” Jordan said.

The children and their families each face their own obstacles. While the Schlumbrecht residence did experience storm damage, Tiffany said the family will be able to live in their home during the rebuilding.

The Lirette family, however, will live in a camper in their driveway while their home is being repaired.

“It was rewarding as a parent for your kids to think about others when our home is unliveable,” Christina said.

Tiffany said she was happy to see that her kids’ eyes were opened to selfless acts and thinks the experience was a great way for them to think about others and figure out a way to help people who are struggling.

“I was extremely impressed with them doing it on their own,” Tiffany said.


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