Des Allemands mother of five cooks, opens up donation station for the community

Jerri Lynn and Sebastian Cooper cook up a meal for the community.

Jerri Lynn Cooper and her family evacuated from their Des Allemands home for Hurricane Ida, but Jerri Lynn said she couldn’t stay away for too long. Ever since she’s been back, the mother of five has been cooking meals for the community and collecting supplies for those in need.

“We went to Houston and came home the Tuesday after landfall,” she said. “I love Des Allemands because the people here are real. They’re appreciative of help but never waiting for resources and handouts … we hop to action and help one another like one big family.”

Hopping to action is exactly what Jerri Lynn has been doing.

“My very supportive Facebook friends have been sending me Venmo money and bringing me some food to cook so it wouldn’t go bad in their freezers. I even got blessed with a new huge pot, propane burner and propane from community members.”

Jerri Lynn has fed 30-60 people every day, sometimes twice a day. She has also been able to open a donation station with supplies and food for people who need it.

“This wouldn’t have been possible without the support and donations of the community,” she said. “I’ve been blessed with a livable home so I can focus on helping others.”

Jessica Henry met Jerri three years ago when she and her fiancé Blake bought Jerri and her husband Peadie’s house.

“Jerri is the most amazing, selfless person I’ve ever met in my life,” Henry said. “Not only does she take care of her large family like a boss, but anytime she hears of someone in need she does whatever she can to help them. She has really showed up and showed out in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida by providing friendship, supplies, hot meals and so much more to so many people. She’s like a little energized bunny that just keeps going.”

Jessica said Peadie says it best – “Jerri just can’t not do for people.”


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