Former parish teacher fights for life against COVID-19

Connie Sparacello and her family

A former St. Charles Parish Public Schools teacher is currently intubated as she fights for her life against COVID-19.

“She’s the typical on-the-go mom,” Lauren Shavor said of her mother Connie Sparacello. “She has us involved in everything and is everywhere all of the time. She does it all.”

Lauren said each fall Connie can be found selling concessions at Destrehan High School football games.

“She used to be a teacher at Destrehan for a year, and she was at JB Martin for eight years and St. Rose Elementary for five years and Luling Elementary for a year,” Lauren said of her mom’s teaching career. “She’s currently at John L. Ory in LaPlace.”

Lauren said her mother’s St. Rose household contracted COVID-19 in late July. Connie’s 15-year-old son was the first to be diagnosed, and later the virus spread to the three other siblings and Connie. While everyone else has since recovered, Connie’s case was not as mild.

“While my siblings and I only got a few sniffles here and there, my mom was not so lucky,” Lauren said. “She ended up contracting Covid pneumonia, which has resulted in her having to be put in the ICU. She’s having a very hard time breathing on her own.”

Connie was airlifted to the Ochsner Main Campus in Jefferson last week when a bed became available there.

“Ochsner wants all of its critical patients at a one place, and they had a spot open up,” Lauren said, adding that while the family has been getting increasingly good reports on Connie there are still very limited visitation options. “My grandma Marie Sparacello and I are doing our best to keep this household running in my mom’s absence, thus allowing her all of the time and energy she needs to get better. However, even with my two jobs, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make up the difference for bills.”

Lauren has set up a GoFundMe for her family – titled Help Connie Sparacello and Her Family – to raise money for bills and medical expenses.

“A lot of people have contacted me asking if they can help so I created this on my family’s behalf,” Lauren said. “Every cent donated will be used for bills and food, and anything extra will be going to help cover my mom’s medical bills.”

Lauren said the flood of support from the community has been overwhelming.

“Oh my goodness it means so much,” she said. “I didn’t know who all would do it but the outpouring from the community has been so great. People have donated and sent money through Venmo and brought food … it’s just so heartwarming to see so many people help and see how many people care and have been touched by her life. It means the world to us.”


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