10-year-old to take part in Nashville’s Little Elvis contest

If you’re ever driving around St. Rose and see a young boy on the corner playing music, chances are it’s Luke Compton.

The 10-year-old St. Rose Elementary student has always been interested in music, and later this month that passion will parlay into his first ever performance.

“For Christmas each year, Luke has asked Santa for a musical instrument,” Luke’s mom Stephanie Mire said. “He has had guitars, keyboards, drums, clarinet, trombone, trumpet, ukuleles, flute, harmonicas and many, many microphones.”

Mire said that for Compton’s 8th birthday he was a rockstar and on his 9th birthday he was John Travolta from Grease.

Luke Compton

This past year, however, he fell in love with Elvis’ music.

“It started for Luke when his grandma got him to listen to some of Elvis’ songs,” Mire said. “The Truck Farm Tavern was hosting Nick Perkins one night as an Elvis impersonator, and so we went to see him. Because it’s such a small venue, Luke was able to interact with Nick, and Nick gave him one of his Elvis rings. From that moment, Luke was hooked. He got a costume shortly after and has been performing in our living room daily.”

Compton said he definitely has a passion for Elvis.

“His music has sweet harmony and tempo … it’s hard to explain because I’m a kid, but also good rhythm and it’s got the good beat,” he said. “Elvis is the best singer in history that I ever heard of. He’s out of this world amazing.”

Compton’s 10th birthday wish was to go to Graceland.

“So we took a road trip to Memphis for two days, Nashville for two days and Tupelo for one day … we did the Elvis triangle,” she said. “While we were in Tupelo, we learned of the Little Elvis contest in Nashville at the end of March. I asked Luke if he wanted to do it, and I sent an email to the director of the festival. I explained a little bit about Luke never performing before, but how much he loved to sing and dance to Elvis. The director said that he would love to have him perform in the contest, so there it began.”

Compton and Mire will fly to Nashville for the March 27 contest for the Little Elvis Contest, which is part of the 4-day Nashville Elvis Festival.

“What I think will separate Luke from the others is his heart,” Mire said. “His love for what he does makes him stand out amongst others. I hope he has a great time.”


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