Local fitness center honored for community service

Anytime Fitness’ Destrehan gym named “Community Outreach Club of the Year”

Just one year after creating a formal “Outreach Team,” the Anytime Fitness gym in Destrehan was recognized with one of the company’s most prestigious awards.

Owner Michelle Oubre and her team were named the Anytime Fitness “Community Outreach Club of the Year” at the franchise’s annual conference in Louisville, Kty., Sept. 8.  The award is impressive with more than 4,200 Anytime Fitness gyms worldwide.

“Our team feels honored to be a part of every member’s unique story and we have touched many lives in the last six years,” said Oubre.  “We set out on a mission as a team this year to go further with our service mindset by creating the Anytime Destrehan Outreach Team.  Our mission is to promote wellness, movement and community through fundraisers, awareness campaigns, volunteer opportunities and service events.”

Chuck Runyon, CEO of Anytime Fitness, said, “The sheer number of events that the gym organized last year, coupled with the amount of money raised for worthy causes, is very impressive.”

Runyon added,“The commitment that club owner Michelle Oubre and her staff have demonstrated to helping others in the Destrehan community is amazing. We couldn’t be more proud of Michelle and her team. It’s obvious that they sincerely care about others in their community – not merely the members of their club.”

A small sample of more than 30 community and fundraising events the gym organized or sponsored last year includes:

  • “Special Olympics: Pedal to the Medal” – Gym staff members volunteered to lead the athletes in warm-up exercises at multiple Special Olympics events.
  • School Uniform Drive and Food Pantry Donations.
  • Line dancing at the Destrehan Farmer’s Market and several other locations – Staff members promoted “movement” as a fun activity.
  • Zumba for a Cure and Community Education – Proceeds donated to the Leukemia Society.
  • Sponsored multiple local race events with proceeds benefiting various worthy causes.
  • Donated 4,000 pounds of food, and $1,000, to a local food pantry.
  • Hosted several free healthy lifestyle education sessions.
  • Raised a total of $15,000 for various non-profit organizations, including $3,900 for the United Way of St. Charles.

Anytime Fitness co-founder, Dave Mortensen also praised Oubre for partnering with multiple organizations that serve senior citizens in an effort to enrich their lives.

“Michelle and her outreach team volunteered hundreds of hours in the past 12 months, serving a wide array of groups in the community,” Mortensen said.  “I was especially moved to learn about the team’s volunteer work at senior care facilities. We owe it to those who spent their lives taking care of others to return the favor. The Anytime Fitness gym in Destrehan is more than a place to exercise. It’s a true community asset.”

Other community involvement projects that the gym participated in over the past twelve months include:

  • “Free Workouts in the Park” during the month of May
  • Heart Health Awareness Day.
  • The Run for Blue.
  • Networking with a local hospital for health talks on nutrition, heart health and epilepsy awareness.

More than 2,500 franchisees, corporate staffers, club managers and personal trainers attended the Anytime Fitness annual conference in Louisville two weeks ago.  Oubre received a prolonged standing ovation from everyone in attendance when her award was announced.  During her acceptance speech, she expressed gratitude for the support she received from her entire community outreach team, with a special shout out to managers Nancy Schaefer, Brandon Hebert and Lisa Gibbs.


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