Lakewood Elementary Golden Gators for December

Congratulations to the following students for being chosen as Lakewood Elementary Golden Gators for the month of December. Students are pictured from left to right:

Bottom row: Ryder Young, Rhett Parker, Brayden Farrell, Trace Narcisse, Ashlyn Andras, Mason Propps, Amy Chen, Simon Spitz, and Brennan Thompson.

Middle row: Aaden Money, Taylor Walsh, Jalynn Todesco, Ava Knowles, Harper Dufrene, Beau Williams, Noah Martin, Isabelle Guillot, Juliana Savoie and Slade Palahang.

Top row: Sarah Waits, Kaitlyn Waits, Emma Mills, Preston Lemoine, Ethan Arellano, James Franks, Carter Burns, Thomas Bradshaw, Irelon Simms and Anthony Baril.

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