Southern Latte Café caters to healthier eating

In the cozy confines of Southern Latte Café in Luling are tasty menu items catering to the increasing customers who want a lighter and/or healthier menu.

Top sellers include the grilled veggie Panini, as well as avocado, bacon and shrimp salad, said owner Randy Muller. They also represent the lighter fare many people want in summer dishes.

“We have probably half of our menu and dinner, too, that is actually healthy eating,” Muller said. “We start off with breakfast with items like a turkey burrito with an egg, American cheese and turkey on a wheat tortilla shell.”

Customers are asking for items that align with keto, as well as other major plans like Weight Watchers and Sugar Busters! diets, he said.

“Everybody is watching what they’re eating,” he said. “Right after New Year’s, everybody is health conscious and it plays a really big factor because we’re trying to achieve a healthy menu here. Most of our items are healthy, low calorie and health conscious.”

It’s by design.

“Every year we try to come up with at least two new items for our menu that are health conscious or low fat,” Muller said.

It’s how the shrimp salad came on the menu this year and customer demand is keeping it there.

The restaurant’s avocado, bacon and shrimp salad, another healthy dish requested by customers.

With the keto diet, Muller said customers can get a couple of egg patties with feta, American, cheddar or blue cheese with turkey or ham (98 percent fat free) – no bread. There are other options, but this item has proven popular with people on this diet.

A popular lunch item is the veggie Panini, which has hand-cut veggies including eggplant, bell pepper (usually red or yellow), and zucchini – marinated in olive oil and seasonings grilled from scratch. It can be served with homemade pesto or garlic mayonnaise if desired and put on Ciabatta white or wheat. If watching calories, skip the mayo.

Want a combo? Muller said this delicious sandwich can come with veggie chips or a side salad.

The popular avocado, bacon and shrimp salad has fast become a summer favorite, he said. Fresh grilled shrimp tops this dish served with a fat free balsamic vinegar dressing or fat free strawberry vinaigrette dressing, as well as a homemade house dressing. The cheese can be feta, blue cheese, Parmesan or cheddar.

Want a combo on this one, too? It comes with water or tea, which Muller recommended decaf strawberry kiwi tea for a refreshing taste.

Can’t have seafood? Muller said their other salads are equally healthy and tasty. Their grilled chicken Caesar salad is another popular item.

Muller is looking at the breakfast menu, too.

New items like egg whites and a breakfast bowl, which customers are asking about, could be coming.

Also, having a busy schedule doesn’t mean sacrificing a healthier menu either.

[pullquote]“Every year we try to come up with at least two new items for our menu that are health conscious or low fat.” — Randy Muller[/pullquote]

“If you’re running late or work, give us a call and place your order over the phone at (985) 308-1472,” Muller said.

They also launched their online menu six months ago, which he said has been popular for a lot of people running late for work and still wanting their healthy dish. By starting a small account on the café’s Facebook page, it remembers items ordered so can take less than a minute to place an order.

“All you have to do is tell us the order and it’s ‘Hi and bye,’” he said. “You’re order is ready. You can do it for coffee, breakfast or lunch.”

Visit to make an order and try it out.

It’s a good fit for Southern Latte Café with its evolving menu catering to changing tastes for the lighter menu.

“Let us all do the hard work. All you have to do is order,” Muller said. “The only thing you have to do is enjoy.”

Southern Latte Cafe’ owner Randy Muller displays their grilled veggie Panini, a top seller on their healthy menu.

Which diet are you on?

  • Keto or ketogenic: Low carbs, high-fat diet to help burn fat more effectively and cause the body to produce fuel molecules called ketones as an alternative fuel source when blood sugar or glucose is in short supply. Avoid starches and sugar.
  • Weight Watchers: Uses a point system with food and a support system to get weight off and keep it off by joining Weight Watchers.
  • Sugar Busters!: A high fiber diet based on fruit, vegetables, proteins and whole grains. No refined sugar allowed. The plan emphasizes food with a low glycemic index to promote blood sugar levels.


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