Girls wanna have fun

Senior Girl Scouts give younger girls bonding experience

Des Allemands girls Savanna Barbee and Kate Induni have always been interested in helping their community. That is one reason why Girls Scouts has played a large part in the two high school girls’ lives.

This year, Savanna and Kate wanted to go a step above and be the first scouts to host the girls’ camp that is held in St. Charles Parish each year.

Savanna’s mother, Jan Barbee, is the service unit administrator for the area Girl Scouts troop. Jan said that this is the first time the annual camp has been hosted by actual scouts instead of adults.

“They wanted to give back to the Girls Scouts,” Jan said. “It was quite a success.”

About 100 girls and 40 volunteers attended the camp, which lasted from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday through Friday, the last week in July.

Savanna and Kate received the Silver Award in 2009 and, through this camp and a go-green project they had the girls do, the two will earn the Gold Award this year. The Gold Award is the highest award that a Girl Scout can receive.

For the go-green project, campers created eight container gardens that will be placed in different parish locations that represent community service, such as in front of the United Way and ARC of St. Charles.

Savanna and Kate are students at Hahnville High. They have each been in Girls Scouts for over 12 years.


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