What’s in your purse reveals the REAL you

What you carry in your purse says a lot about you and your personality, says a prominent author and psychiatrist. And the St. Charles Parish ladies we interviewed for this story are prime examples of how the lipstick, coupons, sewing kits, pens, pencils and everything else you can stuff in a handbag reveals the inner you.”A woman’s purse is her private world,” Dr. Sheldon Ziegel told the Herald-Guide in an interview from his office in Boston.

“While the outside of the purse is exposed and superficial, the items within and the way they’re arranged represent an intimate portrait of the owner.”

The expert offers the following examples of how the contents of your purse reveal your personality:

– Cluttered purse. When the contents of a purse are so cluttered that a woman has to dump the bag to find an item, she’s usually a warm, generous, outgoing person. She has a relaxed attitude toward life and is an easy-to-be-with person.

– Well-organized purse. The woman who knows where everything is in her purse is a no-nonsense individual with a healthy sense of self-esteem. She finds it easy to perform beyond her capabilities – she is an overachiever.

– Be-prepared purse. When a woman’s purse is filled with emergency items such a sewing kit, first-aid supplies, a penlight and perhaps even a weapon, she has more than her share of maternal instincts. She enjoys being “super-mom” or “super-secretary.”

– Cover-girl purse. A woman with a bag loaded with cosmetics has a dramatic personality. She has a flair for the unusual, and active imagination, and she probably laughs and cries at the drop of a hat.

– Office-supplies purse. A woman who carries a wide variety of office supplies in her purse – notepads, pencils and pens, stamps and more – is an individual who likes to make every minute count. She makes extensive lists – shopping lists, birthday and anniversary lists – and actually refers to them.

– Photo-album purse. A purse crammed with photos of family and friends reveals a practical, down-to-earth, conservative individual. She’s nostalgic and relishes memories and mementos from the past.

– Snack-filled purse. The woman who fills her handbag with gum, candy, nuts and other snacks is a born hostess. She can throw a party at a moment’s notice and often does. She loves celebrations and holiday get-togethers and is happiest when unexpected guests drop in.

– Coupon-stuffed purse. The purse crammed with money-saving coupons indicates a woman who’s cautious and thrifty with bot money and words. She’ll say what she thinks without beating around the bush. She’s totally honest and reliable.


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