ESE Young Authors contest winners 2019-20

Third grade – Fiction
1st place: Camp Dream by Kara Scaffidi
1st place: The Pink Unicorn by Tiana Robertson
2nd place: Unikitty by Delilah Gaude
2nd place: The Chasing Dog and the Running Cat by Micah Buckingham
3rd place: The Magic of the Ocean by Kaysen Bordelon
Honorable Mention: Clown Fight by Clare Brandstetter
Honorable Mention: Zombies by Noah Guevara
Honorable Mention: The Red Dragon by Kellan Price
Honorable Mention: The Mean Puppy by Sarah Perry

Third grade – Non-fiction
1st place: Snakes by Julian Haynes
1st place: Disney Cruise by Liam Richardson
2nd place: Christmas by Madison Malave
2nd place: The Kid Who Is 8 Years Old by Andrew Savoie
3rd place: Dogs by Donte Bruce
3rd place: The Gulf Port Book by Christian Galle
Honorable Mention: NFL Stars by Kenny Perrier
Honorable Mention: Halloween by Sarah Perry

Third Grade Poetry
1st place: Santa Clause by Sila Skaikay
2nd place: This Is My House by Sydnie Lorio
3rd place: Night Sky by Karson Corona
Honorable Mention: Basketball by Kyng Mitchell

Fourth Grade Fiction
1st place: Zachary the Nutcracker by Bella Justice
2nd place: Twister by Alex Schweitzer
3rd place: Hurricane by Jacob Hernandez
Honorable Mention: Lily and Lizzie, by Heidi Levet

Fourth grade – Non-Fiction
1st place: E.S.E. by Karmen Brown
2nd place: All About My Dogs by Brianne Gabler
3rd place: Purple Butterflies by Chloe Naquin

Fourth Grade Poetry
1st place: Mrs. Terry by Kyla Conerly

Fifth Grade Fiction
1st place: Captain Diaper-Pool by Beau Deroche
1st place: Red Church Fair by Jaiden Hayes
2nd place: The Elf on the Shelf by Claire Guidry
3rd place: A Spooky Halloween by Aleyna Taylor
Honorable Mention: Aaaahhhh! by Amelia Naquin
Honorable Mention: The Worst Escape Room Ever by Chloe Burford

Fifth Grade Non-Fiction
1st place: UFO by Beau Deroche
2nd place: My Great Uncle by MaKayla Gauthier
3rd place: Maximus by Reiss Victory
Honorable Mention: My Arm by Jaelle Williams

Fifth Grade Poetry
1st place: Cats & Dogs by Jasmine Malave
2nd place: Christmas Eve by Maelie Chavez
3rd place: Ode to my Sewing Machine,by Jaelle Williams


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