Book Review: The Science Book

Reviewed by Luke Elliott

The Science Book by Clifford A. Pickover is an interesting book about great scientific advancements throughout history. Starting as far back as 18,000 BCE and ending as recent as 2017, all 250 scientific milestones are varied and astonishing. It is a compilation of multiple, similarly named, books such as: The Space Book, The Engineering Book, The Biology Book, The Chemistry Book, The Math Book, The Medical Book, The Physics Book, and The Psychology Book.

The Science Book is divided into 250 Sections arranged in chronological order. It ranges from the first signs of mathematics, to Turing machines, and to genetic engineering. The book starts off with a five page introduction about the book. The next 499 pages document all 250 scientific milestones. Each milestone has a one-page description and an accompanying picture that relates to the entry. The book starts with the year 18,000 BCE with an entry about Ishango Bones, one of the first signs of an early understanding of mathematics. The book ends with the year 2017 with an entry about the proof of the Kepler Conjecture, a conjecture that took 406 years to prove correct.

In my opinion, The Science Book by Clifford A. Pickover is an extremely interesting book. I would recommend this book to anyone with even the slightest interest in science or trivia. I would rate this book a nine out of ten.

Luke Elliott

Luke Elliott was a junior in the Gifted program at Hahnville High. He enjoys video games, Dungeons & Dragons, and being involved in Student Council.

Editor’s note: Book reviews are published throughout the summer and fall in agreement with Hahnville High School gifted English teacher Deborah Unger in conjunction with the Brown Foundation Service Learning Program and Unger’s “Adolescents Advocate Literacy” Brown Service Learning Grant.


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