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Setting record straight Re: Herald-Guide story – May 2, 2019 – “Council argument leads to putting the public, media in the hallway.” It noted “An argument between St. Charles Parish Councilman Paul Hogan and Council Chair Julia Fisher-Perrier over a council rule escalated to her clearing the council chambers of the public and media.”

Was due to Perrier picking and choosing which rules she wants to follow in running meetings. This must end! I called a Point of Order questions  regarding members recognition. She refused to address it. Kept trying to silence me. Did not mention “Point Of Order,” the real story. No mention of Perrier being out of order, interrupting me, and not addressing POO. I was not out of order.

Perrier noted the disagreements were the culmination of numerous disputes with Hogan, disputes that have become a regular thing over the last eight years. Note: these were directly related to us failing to uphold rules, regulations, and codes. Story said I said the dispute on 5-22-19 was a  preset planned event actually the 2-4-19 event.

Story said Perrier said: Miraculously, after the cameras went off and  the audience cleared out, Mr. Hogan gained control of himself. His  motives are not clear, but it sure seems curious that he diffused his arguments when no one as there to watch.” Total disingenuous! After room clearing, I agreed (following Perrier’s request) to not question Rule 14, that I would use the request to  speak button upon a suggested committee meeting to discuss the council rules.

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