St. Charles Parish voters may not understand importance of levee tax proposal

We are concerned that the general public may not fully realize the importance of the millage election to provide funds for the completion of the West Bank Hurricane Protection Levee and drainage improvements to the East Bank.

We have lived on the West Bank of the parish for over 40 years, and by sheer luck have not been devastated by a major hurricane, although we have had some near misses.

Now that a hurricane protection levee is well on its way, we cannot drop the ball and let it fail to be completed due to lack of funding. The small increase in property tax is minor compared to the cost of being hit by a major storm.

We urge every voter to go to the polls on May 2 and vote for funding which includes the West Bank Protection Levee and drainage improvements for the East Bank.

Art & Rita Carlson

Ed & Mariela Wahden


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