Letter to the Editor – March 14, 2019

My husband and I have been living at our present home for over  42 years ago. At that time, we planted a magnolia sapling. It was planted on the median with permission from our police juror.

Upon returning home on Monday, I could not believe what I saw – huge branches from this beautiful magnolia on the ground – necessary for the parade route?? – nonsense. The parish boasts about the beautification of Paul Maillard Road, which is good, but why destroy existing beauty?

Shouldn’t parish employees with no aesthetic knowledge of cutting trees be more closely supervised?

Our elected officials have all been contacted (Parish President Larry Cochran, Councilwoman Mary Clulee and the Dept. of Public Works.

I trust that you, our elected officials, will look into this matter and take the appropriate action. Also, has our County Agent been consulted to ensure that this beautiful magnolia will survive in order to preserve the beauty of our parish and environment of our parish.

Cyl Landeche


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