Jewell says parish will reach full potential under his leadership

Matt Jewell says the recent lawsuit that challenged his residency in St. Charles Parish ended the way he anticipated – it was dismissed.

“As we expected, the judge confirmed that I have always been a St. Charles Parish resident,” Jewell said. “I knew that we were going to win the case. It will not change the way I run my campaign. I have a plan and am going to stick to it.”

The Luling native will face incumbent Larry Cochran and newcomer Reanda Fields-Pierre in the Oct. 12 election primary.

Jewell served in the office of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise for four years and then in the Trump administration as a legislative advisor for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Since announcing his candidacy for parish president, he’s been traveling across the parish to meet with voters and listen to their concerns.

“I’ve been going door-to-door for months now, and the support and momentum is incredible, but I want to knock on every door,” Jewell said.

If elected, Jewell would be parish president at age 30.

“I entered this race because there is a lack of leadership in the parish president’s office,” he said. “I have the experience and knowledge necessary to deliver results and represent the people with honesty and integrity.”

Jewell maintains his leadership and experience with Scalise’s office and in Trump’s administration have prepared him to tackle the issues facing the parish.

“I think that my experience and knowledge of local issues make me best suited for the office,” Jewell said. “I have detailed knowledge of working with federal, state and local governments, which enables me to better serve the hard working taxpayers of St. Charles Parish.”

“The support and momentum is incredible, but I want to knock on every door.” — Matt Jewell

Jewell’s family has deep roots in the parish. He’s a graduate of Hahnville High School and Nicholls State University. He and his wife, Cera, have a son and live in Luling.

“I think being a native son of St. Charles Parish, in a family that has been here for 10 generation, means I’ve traveled these roads, thought about what would improve the quality of life for my community, and why we should never settle for poor performance in our elected officials,” he said. “We can’t waste what we’ve been blessed with in terms of resources and great people.”

Jewell’s run for the office of parish president also is rooted in his love for public service.

“I have been a volunteer firefighter, served on the Board of Regents and involved in many organizations focused on community development,” he said. “As parish president, I will have the honor to serve the public on a much larger scale in a place that is my home.”

Jewell’s top issues are flood protection, drainage and improving infrastructure to spur economic development. Additionally, he wants to focus on workforce development to attract and maintain good-paying jobs.

“I want to be parish president because I love this parish … it is my home,” he said. “I want to see St. Charles Parish reach its full potential, and it will under my leadership.”


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