Fields-Pierre says she’s an everyday citizen running for parish president

Reanda Fields-Pierre

Reanda Fields-Pierre considers herself the best candidate for St. Charles Parish president because she’s an “everyday citizen.” But that doesn’t mean she lacks political experience.

“Though this will be my first public office, I am not new to politics,” Fields-Pierre said. “I met with council members, expressing the needs of my community, and $150,000 was added to the community services budget for a future community center on Paul Maillard Road. This shows me that you don’t have to be a politician to get things done.”

Fields-Pierre is a lifelong resident of St. Charles Parish, where she works as a licensed Realtor. She also serves as the chair of the nonprofit Paul Maillard Community Development Corp.

“I have served my community well throughout my life,” Fields-Pierre said. “I have been taught that to whom much is given, much is required. I have had to overcome so much just to be seated at this table and I will continue to fight for what is just for every citizen.”

Her campaign theme is “We just have to be willing to work together.”

By working toward the revitalization of Paul Maillard, Fields-Pierre said she gained experience in transportation and infrastructure, which she calls two key needs in the parish. She also dealt with housing and land use issues, economic development and community outreach.

“We are committed to putting pressure on this administration,” she said of the nonprofit she chairs. “My word is all I have and I am running for parish president to ensure that my promises are kept.”

Implementing the revitalization plan involved meeting with the parish administration to ensure roadway improvements remain a priority, Fields-Pierre said. Some $9 million was committed to fund the project, providing culverts and sidewalks.

Partnerships that were formed during the Paul Maillard revitalization project led to Bayer (Monsanto) donating nearly $1 million for the creation of a park in the area.

She said what differentiates her from her opponents is she gives credit to her team.

“I have served my community well throughout my life.” — Reanda Fields-Pierre

“When I win, we win,” she said. “My success isn’t for me, it’s for us. Any time I saw an elected official they knew why I was coming. I believe in the collective voice of the people.”

Fields-Pierre is a graduate of Loyola University of New Orleans with a degree in sociology and mass communications. She was a community relations directors and strategic planner for the Aaron Brooks Family Foundation, as well as former outreach specialist for the parish’s Planning and Zoning Department.

“I am committed to learning and understanding where we are in each department and surrounding myself with the best people possible in each position,” she said. “I keep hearing that around election time people get anxious about new leadership and cleaning house. When I am president, it is people over politics. I have listened, I am listening and will continue to listen to the voices of every citizen of this great parish.”

She called levees, drainage and infrastructure her priorities.

“When our levees are vulnerable, the whole parish is at risk,” Fields-Pierre said.

She also will focus on attracting more restaurants, retail and technology companies to the parish, and wants to work with industry leaders to hire more local residents to fill available jobs.

The Luling resident said her leadership experience includes serving as president of Students Against Destructive Decisions, president of Kappa Phi Gamma and as a member of Future Business Leaders of America.

She was even homecoming queen at Hahnville High School.

“I have walked the streets with you,” she said of her candidacy. “I have celebrated homeownership with you. Now, I need you to stand with me. I need you to walk with me. I am bridging the gap and I plan to bring our concerns to the forefront.”


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