Destrehan dad makes it snow during freeze

Blake Benedetto and his daughter, Sophie, build a snowman.

While many around the parish hoped that last week’s cold weather would at least bring a little snow along with it, one Destrehan family actually saw that dream come true – with a little ingenuity from dad.

For that dad, Blake Benedetto, it’s now a yearly tradition.

“It came up last year around Christmas time when freezing temperatures were predicted and the possibility of a ‘white Christmas’ actually became possible. Once I saw the forecast and there wasn’t going to be any snow, I started looking online for a DIY way to make snow at home,” Benedetto said. 

Benedetto’s daughter, Sophie, was two at the time and he wanted to make it snow for her.

Sophie Benedetto and her snowman, Olaf.

“Who am I kidding, I wanted it probably more than her,” he said. “I mean, who in South Louisiana doesn’t want to experience snow for Christmas?”

Benedetto was able to accomplish the task, but this year wanted to step up his game and used a few upgraded pieces of equipment to make even more snow that stuck around for days afterwards.

Benedetto uses a pressure washer and air compressor to send air and water into a manifold with zero degree pressure washer tips. It works well if the temperature is under 27 degrees.

“After about 2-3 hours of runtime, you can get a few good inches of snow,” he said.

This year, Sophie was able to build a snowman she called Olaf and also bested her dad in a snowball fight.

“Of course, I had to tap into my magical powers like Queen Elsa to make it snow,” Benedetto said. “Only now it’s requested any time it gets cold out. Even our friends’ children call when it’s cold asking if Uncle Blake can make it snow again.”

Benedetto’s children, which also include one-year-old Briggs, weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the snow.

“My neighbors are great. I tried to keep the snow as much in my yard as possible, just in case, but they have all been coming by to enjoy the snow and take pictures,” Benedetto said. “I’m sure the sound of pressure washers and air compressors running early in the morning and late into the night wasn’t quite the ambiance they hoped for, but the end result made it worth it.”


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