Are prepaid debit cards better than cash for teens?

Dear Mr. Suffrin: When my teenager began shopping at the mall and going to dinner with friends, I was afraid she would lose the cash I gave her, or worse – have it stolen.

I have read about prepaid debit cards and want to know what are the benefits of using a card like this and should I consider giving my daughter one to use?  – Lost Money in Des Allemands

Dear Lost Money: The advantages of prepaid debit cards:
•You choose how much cash to load on to your reloadable prepaid debit card.

•You can shop wherever certain debit cards are accepted (depending on which prepaid debit card you choose).

•You control how much is on your prepaid debit card at any given time.

•No monthly account maintenance fee.

•You can check your card balance anytime online or over the phone.

•If your card details are stolen you will only be liable for the amount that you have loaded on to your reloadable prepaid debit card.

•Applying for your card is a simple process – simply go to the card website and complete an application.

If any of the above is a concern of yours regarding your daughter’s spending habits, then you should consider one for her.

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